Hey I’m a model, how do I get featured on your site?
That’s Great…glad you asked!  We’re always looking for new talent to feature on our site and today may just be your lucky day.  If you’re looking to get some added exposure and think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our featured hotties, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.  Simply send in a few of your pictures (3-5 pro or amateur will do) along with any personal sites or social pages you’d like us to check out and we’ll gladly consider you for a feature post. If selected, we will contact you to obtain additional information to include in your feature.

What information should I include when submitting content to your site?
Any information you’d like to supply will do.  We’re not too picky around here.  If its just a general picture or video submission…then all we really need is the picture or video link and not much else…we can take it from there.

Hey I submitted some sexy pics a while ago, but they’re not up on the site yet. What’s up with that?
Please bare with us. We receive a ton of content on a daily basis and have to sort through it all, but we promise we’ll get to yours as soon as we can.

OMG! There’s a really embarrassing pic of me that I want removed! How can I get it taken down?
We take privacy very seriously around here. Before submitting any content to us, each and every one of our users must agree to grant us permission to use and/or publish the submitted content. However, assuming you are the person shown in a photo (and are not the photographer), you are welcome to submit a courtesy removal request via email. Removal is done at the discretion of Sexyblock.com and may take up to 72 hours or more to process. Each request must include:  1. Your Name,  2. Your Email,  3. Link (URL) to post.

NOTE: Because we do not know who you are, we cannot consider requests such as “please remove the pic of me on page 3.” We need to know the exact URL of the page you want removed. You can obtain the necessary URL by clicking on the title of the post and then looking in the address bar on the top of that page.

I love Sexyblock.com, is there any way I can help?
We love you too…thank you for asking! We are always striving to grow our user base…so tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about us and help us spread the word!

Hey I have a question that wasn’t answered here.  Where should I send it?
For general inquiries/feedback please see our “CONTACT” page for the appropriate email address.