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Ladies: Think you’ve got what it takes to be one of our “Featured Hotties”?  Well here’s your chance to show the world how “Sexy” you really are!  Don’t let your sexiness go to waste!  If you got it…flaunt it…if you don’t…well, we can’t help you there!  We’re always looking for new talent to feature on our site and today may just be your lucky day.  If you’re looking to get some added exposure, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.  Send in a few of your pictures (3-5 professional or amateur will do) along with any personal sites or social pages you’d like us to check out and we’ll gladly consider you for a feature post. If selected, we will contact you to obtain additional information to include in your feature!

Fellas: Do you have a secret stash of sexy pics sitting around collecting dust on your hard drive or on your cell phone?  (Come on we all know you do!) Do yourself and the whole world a favor and let those precious diamonds shine!  Send ‘em to us and we’ll make sure they receive the proper care and “Attention” they rightfully deserve!

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Step 1: Take a bunch of Sexy pictures or videos.

Step 2: Send them to us!

Yep! It’s that easy! You can find the appropriate email to send them to listed under “Content Submissions” on our “CONTACT” page. Please make sure to include a brief title such as “Sexy Pics” or “Sexy Video” in the “SUBJECT” field of your email to help keep your message out of our “Junk Mail” folder. Thanks!

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